In The News

Joe O’Neill Helps Veterans Through Car Donation Program

By Michael D. Boll

About three years ago I received a call from our team’s sponsor Geico Insurance, regarding a new car donation for New Jersey disabled veterans. Geico connected me to Benner’s Auto Body in Cranford. The next day I met with the owner, Joseph O’Neill and we spoke about a possible car donation. Joe explained how he wanted to donate newer cars to disabled veterans. Joe was so passionate about this, he felt it was just one way to give back……”

Operation Rebound Spotlight on Westfield Native Mark Otto

By Michael D. Boll

A few years back, I had the honor of meeting Westfield resident and Marine Corps veteran Mark Otto at our Operation Rebound Racing Team’s Atlantic City 22-hour ruck march. At the event this motivated Marine strapped on a weighted backpack and walked with us for the entire time. After the ruck march, Mark joined Operation Rebound and we have been working on some amazing team projects to help at-risk veterans and first responders to live a better life…..”

A Devil With A Halo: The Kyle Palmieri Foundation

By Michael D. Boll

For the last few years, the Operation Rebound Racing Team has been trying to build strong relationships with our professional teams. Our goal is to have our uniformed challenged athletes speak to professional teams and share their incredible journey on how they overcame countless obstacles to achieve greatness….”

Fighting Back

By Michael D. Boll

I tell my teammate and friend Frank ‘Doc’ Schupp that his story is a story that people should hear. I work with veterans who face hardships after deployments. Many feel stressed, overwelmed and like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Although he surely understands how difficult the feeling can be, Frank ‘Doc’ Schupp’s story…”

Setting The Bar

By Michael D. Boll

For years, the government has had a poor reputation for providing veterans the necessary resources and proper assistance required. Many veterans in need get completely frustrated with the VA(Veterans Administration) and seek elsewhere for help…”

Bro, I Got Your Six!

By Michael D. Boll

For Years, so many of us have used the phrase ‘Bro, I Got Your Six’, but as first responders and and veterans, are we really doing this, or do we just mean well! Using this phrase just cheapens the strength it truly holds and means. This is an incredibly powerful phrase…”

At-risk veterans have a new friend

In light of the approaching holiday season, a recently retired middle school teacher is lobbying on behalf of organizations that benefit American servicemen facing challenges at home and abroad…

Jean Harris Award

By Ann Walko, Director Team Rotary

I had the distinct honor and privilege to introduce Sgt. Michael Boll of the Union Township Police Department as the recipient of the District 7510 Jean Harris Award at the recent District Assembly…

Back In the Fight!

By Michael D. Boll

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting former Marine and Army infantryman Jeff Koeck. Jeff was having a hard time readjusting and he was referred to our team…

Remembering 9/11 Together

By Michael D. Boll and Caroline Angel

September 11th always sinks deep into the hearts of our community. And, when we say our community, what we mean is not only our brothers and sisters in Blue…

HEALING is Possible

By Michael D. Boll

Operation Rebound is a mobile out-reach team of mentors who help at-risk veterans and first responders to live a better life. For the last two years, our team has made huge strides…

Operation Rebound

By Michael D. Boll

I am an active Union Police Department sergeant and have been on the force for over 20 years. I decided to join after four years in the United States Marine Corps. I felt obligated to give back to my town…”

The Greatest Reward, Helping Those In Need

By Michael D. Boll and Caroline Angel

As Veteran’s Day has passed and the holidays approach, there exists a national period of recognition of service, for both our military veterans and others serving on the frontlines of America’s neighborhoods…”