“The New Jersey Veterans Network was there when pretty much no one else was. Serving in the military, I thought there’d be literally nobody to turn to once my service was ending. While waiting for my VA disability rating to be finished, “We support Veterans” was a sentence I heard and read a lot. But in the end, talk is cheap and I wasn’t able to find help when my family and I needed it most. Without the New Jersey Veterans Network, I don’t know where we would have ended up. They went above and beyond for me. And what might have been most important: they cared on a personal level. With whatever they did, they proved to me the true meaning of “No soldier left behind”.”

Chris Fowler – US Army Veteran and Operation Rebound Racing Team Athlete

“New Jersey Veterans Network and Operation Rebound run by Michael Boll is the best charity organization available to Veterans in the NJ area. With the resources they have, any need a veteran could have will be met. If there is any veteran out there that needs any kind of help, NJVN and Operation Rebound is the way to go without a doubt.”

Ryan Wares – US Army Veteran and Operation Rebound Racing Team Athlete

“Operation Rebound continues to amaze me with their dedication and outreach to our veterans and first responders. They are committed to helping get essential equipment to those who need it due to physical injury and work tirelessly to help veterans acclimate back to civilian life. Their combined efforts with the NJ Veterans Network has supported our family in so many ways. Their support in helping us honor our son has brought us such comfort and strength since our loss. They are truly a compassionate and amazing group of people.”

Tom and Dina Duffy – Operation Rebound Racing Team Family and Parents of Tom Duffy Jr., Fallen US Marine Veteran

“Operation Rebound and The New Jersey Veterans Network are two truly inspiring organizations. With camaraderie at it’s core our disabled heroes gain a sense of belonging which for me has been the biggest help over the last several years.”

Jimmy Ludolph – US Navy Veteran and Operation Rebound Racing Team Athlete

“Operation Rebound and New Jersey Veterans Network are a solid team to help Veterans every day.. They have partnered with the VFW numerous times to help make every day VETERANS DAY in NJ.. BZ keep it up… “

Jay Boxwell – US Navy Veteran and Union County District Leader

“The New Jersey Veterans Network and Operation Rebound Racing Team gives MORE than just assistances to veterans who face challenges after serving – they give that same sense of camaraderie that one experiences while serving; that sense of knowing that someone ALWAYS has your six!! “

Michael Gehm – US Navy Veteran and Operation Rebound Athlete

“Operation Rebound provides unique opportunities for challenged military and first responder athletes as well as supporters of our veterans, military! Opportunities include physical and social activities such as 5Ks, distance races/runs, fund-raisers, BBQs, rucks, hikes, camping, partnership events with local communities, etc.. As a supporter of our military, veterans and first responders, Operation Rebound provides me the opportunity to stay closely connected with our Nation’s heroes by engaging in and supporting the athletes’ physical events and/or engaging with our athletes during social events. Michael Boll’s leadership, dedication and commitment to Operation Rebound’s mission of Front line to the Finish line enriches not only the athlete’s lives but the lives of their supporters. “

Mary Ann Imroth- Army veteran and RWB event coordinator

“Operation Rebound and the New Jersey Veterans Network have had an important and positive impact on my life and the lives of my fellow veterans and their families. They have provided me access to a new vehicle which has helped me seek out badly needed medical treatments, and provided access to personnel, programs, and networks that provide assistance to veterans in need. I would highly recommend them to any veteran in the area looking for help, or simply looking to reconnect with members of the military community.”

Patrick Chandler – US Army Combat Medic Veteran and Operation Rebound Racing Team Athlete

“The New Jersey Veterans Network and Operation Rebound Racing Team is one of the best organizations in our state. When you’re talking about meeting the needs of our Veterans, they hit it on point for sure. “

Jamel Holley – Union County, New Jersey Assemblyman

“The NJVN is an amazing organization that offers many opportunities for veterans to support and champion each other. With the prevalence of PTSD and the stigma that goes along with it, so many vets are hesitant to seek help. The NJVN and Operation Rebound Racing Team give vets a safe space to learn about resources that are available to them. The N.J. platoon of Battlin’ Betties is proud to work with the NJVN on our mutual goal of bringing awareness of available PTSD resources. www.BattlinBetties.org”

Meredith Barnes – NJ Battlin Betties Platoon Leader, New Jersey

“The New Jersey Veterans Network gives me an opportunity as a civilian and New Jersey resident to share my appreciation with our Armed Forces veterans who helped turn my freedoms and safety that most of us take for granted! Not many of us could to say thank you face-to-face and shake the physical hand of one of these gentlemen and women where is the New Jersey Veterans Network brought me face-to-face with a world war two veteran who survived prison camps and help preserve our country‘s freedom! Having opportunities like this one give me a personal motivation, which helps others while also helping myself”

Ronald Szotak – Operation Rebound Racing Team Athlete

“As a veteran, I am honored to be part of NJVN which allows me to support and remain engaged with veterans and our military from all eras. NJVN has strong relationships and ties to the communities, creating partnerships and working together to better veterans lives. They do this by hosting a BBQ and hike, donating a car, toys, food, housing and employment assistance, medical and service dog related assistance as well as partnerships with other local veteran service organizations. Sometimes honoring our heroes is accomplished by the simplest act of kindness like a phone call, cup of coffee or a walk to talk it out. It’s about being present and there’s no better role model than Michael Boll. Under Michael Boll’s leadership, NJVN continues to accomplish its mission of honoring those who have sacrificed for us with the support of its members and the contributions and donations from the communities.”

Mary Ann Imroth- Army veteran and RWB event coordinator